Emergency Management

Mission Statement

Andrews County Office of Emergency Management’s (OEM) mission is to minimize loss of life and personal injury, and damage to property and the environment from disasters by maintaining an Emergency Management program that addresses preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery for all hazards, in close coordination with the City of Andrews, state and federal agencies. We strive to accomplish this through a continuing program of outreach, coordination, planning, training, and exercising, for all hazards and for all four phases of emergency management -- preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Burn Ban Lifted

Local Emergency Management

The County Judge of each county and the Mayor of each incorporated municipality is designated as the Emergency Management Director for each such political subdivision. As the Governor's designated agents, the County Judge and Mayor may exercise the powers, on an appropriate local scale, granted the Governor by the Texas Disaster Act of 1975.

The County Judge and Mayor may designate an Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) to serve as an assistant to the presiding officer of the political subdivision for emergency management purposes. Political subdivisions may establish inter-jurisdictional agreements to manage and mutually benefit from local emergency management programs (Andrews County and the City of Andrews, 2004).