The goals of the Andrews County Health Department’s environmental services include ensuring: 1) healthy, safe, and sanitary conditions at food establishments, swimming pools, and day care facilities; and 2) properly installed and maintained on-site sewage systems.

Food Inspection Program

The health department inspects all food establishments in Andrews County. These include full service restaurants, fast food establishments, grocery stores, convenience stores, and mobile vendors (hot trucks, ice cream trucks, and snow cone stands). According to the Code of Ordinances,City of AndrewsTexas, Food and Food Handlers Code, Section 9, all establishments require a permit from Andrews County Health Department.The same rules apply to establishments operating outside the Andrews city limits.

Texas Food Establishment Rules October 2015

Food Establishment Permit Application and Renewal Application. Click here

Guidelines for Food Service Establishments. Click here

Permits for food establishment operations expire on December 31st, require annual renewal, and permit fees are due and payable by January 1st. You may renew or obtain permits during December, or during the grace period (January 1st and January 31st). After January 31st you pay an additional $50.00 late fee.

Food Establishment Permit Fees

Health Permit Fee

Establishments Annual Gross Income


0 - $49,999.00


$50,000.00 - $149,999.00


$150,000.00 or greater

Andrews County Health Department recommends you display a CHOKING POSTER, and requests you to display the poster in an area visible to customers. Talk to our Registered Sanitarian about obtaining posters.

Do you plan to enlarge your building or remodel your establishment? Open a second food service business? Do you plan to replace, remove or rearrange major items of equipment? Will you significantly change your operation this year or next year? You must notify this office in advance before altering your food preparation/dining area or any other part of your food service establishment. If you intend to modify or improve your operation, please submit written plans to this Department for prior approval before executing any changes to your business. Once
Andrews County Health Department registered sanitarian approves your plans you may proceed with the improvements.

All food establishments using a water well (non-City water) must submit water samples for evaluation once a year. Andrews County Health Department has instructions for water sample collection and submission. If your establishment uses non-City water attach a water sample report with the application.

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