Tier II Reports

The Community Right-to-Know Program has been established under both federal and state laws. As a result of these laws, all facilities that store significant quantities of hazardous chemicals must share this information with state and local emergency responders and planners. Facilities in Texas share this information by filing annual hazardous chemical inventories called Texas Tier II Forms with the state, with Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), and with local fire departments.

What the Reports Contain

The Texas Tier II Reports contain facility identification information and detailed chemical data about hazardous chemicals stored at the facility. Emergency response personnel, such as firefighters, can use the information contained in Texas Tier II Reports to plan response strategies in the event that an emergency situation arises. Private citizens in the community may request and receive copies of the Texas Tier II Reports, as well as custom reports generated from Texas Tier II data.

Tier II reports are due no later than March 1st of each year. The preferred format is pdf file format and XML file format. Reports may be submitted via email (preferable) to Michael Cook, Emergency Management Coordinator, or by mail to:
Andrews County Office of Emergency Management
201 N Main
Room 104
Andrews, TX 79714

Additional Tier II information can be found on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website.