Who can take the training?

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) skills are useful in disaster and everyday life events. Naturals for the training are:

  • Communities of faith
  • Community organizations
  • Neighborhood watch
  • School staff
  • Scouting organizations
  • Workplace employees
  • Other groups that come together regularly for a common purpose

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1. What is CERT?
2. How does CERT benefit the community?
3. How do I take CERT training?
4. Is there a CERT near me?
5. How do we start a CERT program?
6. How is CERT funded?
7. Who can take the training?
8. Can someone under age 18 participate?
9. What if I have concerns about my age or physical ability?
10. Why take the CERT training?
11. How do CERT members maintain their skills?
12. What if I want to do more than just the basic training?
13. What about liability?