What if I have concerns about my age or physical ability?

There are many jobs within a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for someone who wants to be involved and help. During CERT classroom training, if one has a concern about doing a skill like lifting, just let the instructor know. You can learn from watching. We would like everyone who wants to go through the training to have an opportunity to participate and learn the skills. CERT educates participants about local hazards and trains them in skills that are useful during disaster and life’s everyday emergencies.

Disaster Activities

Following a disaster, CERT members are needed for:

  • Comforting others
  • Documentation
  • Logistics

Non-Disaster Activities

Non-disaster related team activities may include:

  • Keeping databases
  • Developing a website
  • Writing a newsletter
  • Planning activities
  • Helping with special events
  • Organizing exercises and activities

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9. What if I have concerns about my age or physical ability?
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